Else FAQs

Else FAQs

We’re happy to contribute to financially, but at this stage we can’t fund an entire project. We always consider projects on a case-by-case basis though, so its still worth getting in touch.

Of course. We’re always open to re-submissions, or new ones, from creators who’ve been in touch with us before (as long as it meets our selection criteria).

We review monthly, and you should hear from us around 2 weeks after submitting (but do bear with us if not!)

Potentially, but it depends on the type of support you need. A little project management is fine, but we wouldn’t want to take control of the whole thing.

No way. It’s your project, not ours.

All good with us. We’re more than happy to take submissions no matter where you are.

No problem. Just make sure to include who within the ‘additional partners or contributors’ section of your submission.

We love to tell stories of the projects we've supported, so might ask if we can take some BTS content or use some of your work in social channels. Entirely up to you though.

In short? It’s our investment in creative culture. We want to foster long-lasting relationships with creators from around the world, creating opportunities & future projects with brands & creators alike.