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Launching a Whisky Collection through an immersive exchange of craft and culture

Each year the Diageo Special Releases are launched to Whisky Connoisseurs, collected and enjoyed by those who are already in the know. How do we flip this so we use the collection launch to drive desire and recruit a new, younger audience who aren’t necessarily big Whisky drinkers?

We partnered some of the most prolific cultural creators influencing this audience with award-winning chefs and challenged them to bring to life the cultural exchange that created each Special Release. The output was a fully immersive and interactive experience in one iconic Scottish location, creating a night to remember for both Whisky connoisseurs and new drinkers.

Diageo’s Spirited Xchange 2023 tore up the whisky rule book, proving that whisky isn’t boring and unchanging, and can be chopped and changed into something unique and exciting.

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04 Special Releases Talsker Nuno BTS
04 Special Releases Talsker Bottle In Space
04 Special Releases The Singleton Charles Portrait
04 Special Releases Lagavulin Event Hero
04 Special Releases Lagavulin Adriana BTS
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04 Special Releases The Singleton Event Hero
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04 Special Releases The Singleton Louise Portrait
04 Special Releases The Singleton Event Hero Amended